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Posted on 10-19-2017

Pediatric Eye Exams Help Your Child’s Social and Academic Development

When children can’t see clearly, it directly affects their ability to participate in classroom activities, which can hold them back from doing their best academically. Some problems are errors in the refractive ability of the eyes. Other problems occur that involve eye muscles and the ability to track while reading and learning effectively. Vision problems may be so severe that affects the ability to concentrate and can result in behavioral problems. In addition, vision problems can inhibit your child’s potential in school, and ultimately, in life. To give your child the best possible opportunity in school and out of school, visit Complete Eye Care of Medina for regular pediatric eye exams to help your child perform at their highest level.

pediatric eye exams from your optometrist in medina

What Happens During A Pediatric Eye Exam?

Before the pediatric eye exam begins, parents will be asked about medical conditions that could impact vision. Drops may be used to dilate the pupils to allow the eye doctor to see structures inside the child’s eyes. Advanced optometry equipment helps to detect any problems within the cornea, iris or retina of the eyes. Older children will be asked simple questions during these tests to provide information on how well they see images and letters. The eye doctor will also test peripheral vision (side vision), as well as how well the eyes track together.

All children should receive a vision exam before entering preschool to catch vision problems before they begin to impact their learning. It is not necessary for them to know their letters or how to read before receiving vision testing. At Complete Eye Care of Medina,  babies can be tested for basic eye responses and visual tracking ability. Under the age of 1, this exam is complimentary through a program called InfantSEE. More information is available on the website or by calling.

What Are the Options for Treatment of Pediatric Eye Problems?

For simple refractive errors such as nearsightedness or astigmatism, corrective lenses may be necessary to allow clearer vision. Eye patches or eye drops can help some vision disorders. Problems with eye muscles or tracking can be helped with various therapies, and sometimes, surgery is needed to ensure that both eyes are tracking properly.

Make Complete Eye Care of Medina Your Medina, MN Optometrist

Dr. Wesley and Dr. Holland use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to provide comprehensive eye care for their patients in Medina, Plymouth area, and Maple Grove Area. They can provide the gentle and sensitive pediatric eye exams your child needs to determine if there are any problems affecting their ability to learn and interact socially with their peers. If the optometrists detect a problem, they will provide a detailed explanation of the diagnosis and recommended treatment options for your child’s care.

Contact Complete Eye Care of Medina today at 763-478-3505 for an appointment to have your child’s eyes checked to ensure his or her success in school.

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