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Vision Correction in Medina

Vision is one of your most precious senses and achieving the best possible vision is important for many individuals who struggle with vision deficits. While many people see glasses and contact lenses as the only means of vision correction, there are a wide variety of vision therapies available that can help improve visual performance and enrich a patient's overall quality of life. A candidate for alternative vision correction can be anyone from a patient who is having trouble seeing up close or far away to a child struggling in school and even a student who wants to simply increase their level of academic performance.  At Complete Eye Care of Medina, our optometrists work with each individual to determine what the greatest visual needs are, and will create a customized treatment plan, including visual therapies that are designed to achieve optimal results. 

Woman receiving vision therapy from a Medina optometrist

What Is Vision Therapy? 

Vision therapy is a variety of visual exercises and techniques that are completed in the office with a Medina optometrist, as well as at home. Often, patients who need vision therapy for a variety of conditions, including amblyopia, reading and tracking issues, sports vision, and convergence insufficiency, will use a combination of both in and out of office vision therapy exercises to improve visual performance. Types of exercises recommended and the duration of a patient’s vision therapy program greatly on the patient's individual needs and how severe they are. Additionally, a patient's commitment to vision therapy plays an important role in their overall success. 

Sports Vision Therapy

If you play sports of any kind, you can benefit from sports vision therapy, even if you have no need for vision correction. Sports vision therapy is a specific set of visual exercises designed to sharpen vision, improve hand-eye coordination, and fine tune depth perception as well as reaction time. The goal of sports vision therapy is to improve the skills that sports enthusiasts use most in any sport. 

Corneal Reshaping Therapy

Corneal reshaping therapy is a cornerstone of our optometry practice here in Medina. It is a type of therapy designed to reshape the cornea to obtain improved visual acuity through the use of specialized, oxygen-permeable contact lens molds, not unlike rigid contact lenses, that are worn at night while you sleep. When optimal results are achieved in about 10-14 days or less, patients do not need to wear glasses or contacts for visual correction throughout the day. Unlike more permanent types of corneal reshaping, including laser surgery, corneal reshaping therapy is reversible and the patient's baseline vision will return in about 3 days when the specialized lens molds are discontinued. Perhaps the biggest benefit to corneal reshaping is the reduction in progression of myopia or nearsightedness. This greatly reduces the risk for eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal holes or detachments later in life. 

Vision Therapy for Children in Medina

Children who experience vision problems such as amblyopia or a "lazy eye," or have difficulty seeing up close or far away can benefit from ongoing vision therapy, such as eye focusing exercises, patch therapy, and more. We understand that these conditions can have a huge impact on your child’s ability to perform in school which can be very discouraging. With the help of a Medina optometrist, you can ensure that your child takes pride in his or her education. Perhaps your child does not even have any vision impediments but we can still help! We can implement vision therapy programs for those who want to see their children improve upon their already outstanding academic performance. One of our 11 year old patients is already reading at an 11th grade level after graduating from a vision therapy program. Regardless of your child’s academic performance, Dr. Wesley and Dr. Holland are passionate about helping the youth in our community perform their absolute best.

Learn More About Vision Therapy With Our Optometrists Today!

Through the use of non-invasive, natural vision therapy techniques, patients who struggle with any sort of vision problems may be able to achieve their visual goals without the need for traditional vision correction, depending on the issue that the individual is experiencing.  

We offer vision therapy and other vision correction in Medina, Maple Grove, Plymouth and surrounding areas. Contact Complete Eye Care of Medina today to schedule an appointment for an exam or to learn more about how vision therapy may be able to help you. Call us at 763-478-3505.