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Wet vs. Dry Macular Degeneration Treatment in Medina

If you have any conversations or do any research on the subject of macular degeneration -- a disease of the part of the retina that processes your central vision -- you may come across references to"wet" and "dry" versions of the condition. But these terms aren't describing two different diseases; instead, they are two different stages of macular degeneration that display different symptoms and changes in the eye. Here at Complete Eye Care of Medina, we're happy to help you understand the difference between wet macular degeneration and dry macular degeneration, and to administer the appropriate macular degeneration treatment in Medina for your particular needs.

wet v dry macular degeneration treatment in Medina

Two Sets of Macular Degeneration Symptoms 

Macular degeneration may not cause you to go completely blind, but damage of the part of the retina that control central vision (the macula) may make it impossible for you to view faces or text clearly. Macular degeneration may create ever-worsening, irreversible damage for years. That's why your eye doctor at our optometry clinic, Dr. Wesley or Dr. Holland, urges you to have comprehensive eye exams on a regular basis so we can detect your macular degeneration symptoms early.

There are two distinct stages in the progress of macular degeneration. Dry (or atrophic) macular degeneration is notable for the appearance of yellowish deposits on the macula. These depots, which are called drusen, may have no or little effect on your vision until you develop many of them. A large accumulation of drusen may cause you to experience changes in your eyesight such as low vision, visual distortions or blank areas in your vision. Wet (or neovascular) macular degeneration is so named because it involves the creation of numerous small, abnormal blood vessels that bleed into the eye. This causes more serious macular damage that can lead to significant loss of your central visual field.

Our Medina Optometrist Can Help You Control Your Macular Degeneration

We and dry macular degeneration respond to different types of treatment. Your Medina optometrist can treat dry macular degeneration by recommending lifestyle changes such as wearing sunglasses and blue light protection (since macular degeneration can be worsened by UV and blue-light energy). A nutritional protocol known as AREDS2 may prevent your dry macular degeneration (by far the most common stage) from moving into the wet stage. For wet macular degeneration,we may recommend injections of drugs that block the formation of new abnormal blood vessels. We may also refer you to a specialist for laser surgery.

Sight-Saving Treatment for Maple Grove, Medina and Plymouth

Keep in mind that the earlier macular degeneration is detected, the easier it is for our optometry center to preserve your eyesight. If you live in Maple Grove, Medina or Plymouth and you want to preserve your ocular health, you owe it to yourself to call Complete Eye Care of Medina at 763-478-3505 for a comprehensive eye evaluation from your trusted Medina eye doctor!