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Visiting an Eye Doctor for Vision Therapy in Medina

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Facing a problem with your vision, or noticing that a child shows signs of a vision problem, does not necessarily require extensive measures. In some cases, a treatment plan that focuses on vision therapy offers the chance to improve the situation. Our optometrist in Medina can help with concerns related to personal vision by providing the right tools to address the situation.

What is a Vision Therapy Optometrist?

A vision therapy optometrist refers to an eye doctor with skills related to non-invasive treatment solutions. When you notice changes to your vision, an eye exam helps identify the underlying causes of the problem. In some cases, these may be caused by a lazy eye, difficulty interpreting what you see, or even other factors that do not require medication or invasive surgical treatments.

If our optometrist recognizes that vision therapy offers a realistic solution to your concerns, we can start a treatment plan that uses eye exercises based on your goals and that addresses the underlying causes of your vision problems.

How the Therapy Works

The way vision therapy works is simple: an eye doctor evaluates your situation and develops a series of different exercises based on your specific needs. When working with our optometrist, we place you on a regular schedule until your vision shows improvements. For example, you can set up a therapy session once per week to work on different exercises.

The number of treatments and the duration of your treatment varies based on the problem and the suggestions of an optometrist. At Complete Vision Solutions (Complete Eye Care of Medina), we assist residents of Medina, Maple Grove and Plymouth with their goals for their vision based on the situation. We make recommendations for treatment after evaluating your vision and then determining the appropriate exercises to assist with your needs.

Seeking Assistance for Vision Concerns

Appropriate solutions for your vision and goals depend on the cause of changes to your eyes. Visit our optometrist to determine the appropriate treatment options for your specific vision concerns.

Our clinic works with Medina, Maple Grove and Plymouth residents to ensure that members of those communities have the tools to accomplish their goals. We recommend therapy for certain concerns because it is not always necessary to use invasive treatments such as surgery. We recognize that you want to make improvements without harsh treatments, so we offer alternatives that focus on exercises and accomplishing your personal goals. We advocate the importance of treating the underlying condition through natural options before you consider more invasive strategies so that you can feel comfortable with the treatment process.

Your eyes are essential for your lifestyle and the way that you view the world, but that does not necessarily mean you must go through a surgical procedure or harsh treatment plan to maintain your vision. By using therapy, you learn healthy and holistic ways to accomplish your goals without harsh side effects. To learn more about your treatment options, contact us today.

Read What Some of Our Patients Have Said About Vision Therapy

Before Vision Therapy, Marshall was having problems with double vision,car sickness and did not enjoy reading on his own. His eye drift wasbecoming more noticeable (even his teacher asked about it). MarshallLOVED his weekly vision therapy sessions. Sanaa was always there togreet him with a smile. She was supportive and encouraging throughoutthe 24 weeks. Sanaa is so creative. She made his daily homework fun byempowering Marshall to build his skills to control his eye.

Dr. Wesley was also outstanding throughout this journey. She checked in often and was so reassuring whenever we had questionsabout vision therapy.

24 weeks later Marshall loves to read! He has advanced several readinglevels and his handwriting has also improved. We have also noticed thathis balance and coordination has improved. He is much more confident both academically as well as physically, He can finally ride his bikewithout training wheels! We cannot thank Complete Vision Solutions enough for all they did tosupport and equip Marshall and our family on this journey! - Marshall's Parents, July 2017

Fun, challenging, and active (because it made my eye active) - Marshall, July 2017

Before Vision Therapy, Alex was having problems with reading. Mostlykeeping track of where he was and reading for any sustained duration. Through the VT assessment we learned Alex's eyes were not teaming welltogether and that made it difficult to focus and read up close, andhence he would lose his place while reading. We have seen improvement in his ability to focus, not to lose his placereading and guess less at longer words. He doesn't see reading as much'work' as it was before he is now more willing to do it on his own. Alex's reading comprehension also has seemed to improve and he did wellon his standardized tests this spring.  - Alex's Parents, July 2017

Fun. Helps a ton! Hard work. - Alex, July 2017

We first noticed that our son’s left eye turned inward when he brought his first grade pictures home from school. Then we started noticing that he sometimes would skip entire lines of text while reading books. We brought him to see Dr. Wesley and she knew right away that he would benefit from vision therapy. We completed two 12 week sessions at Complete Eye Care of Medina. They always made the sessions fun with different games and puzzles. Our son also enjoyed the homework that was sent home with him each week. He said, “My favorite part of vision therapy was the picture finds that they would give me, those were really fun!” He has now graduated from vision therapy and is reading above grade level! We had a great experience and are so pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend the vision therapy program at Complete Eye Care of Medina.    March 2015

We sought a consultation for visual tracking delays at CEC of Medina for our daughter after it was recommended by the reading specialist at her school. After a through evaluation by Dr Wesley we decided to pursue vision therapy. She has made tremendous progress in her vision tracking skills after a few months of therapy.  Her reading skills have also significantly improved. Her vision therapist  and Dr Wesley are very friendly, king and encouraging. We are proud of her progress and thankful for all the help she has received.  October 2016

"Honestly, I was completely surprised when we were told Shawn would benefit from VSTL. Once he began his first 12 weeks he soon was helped with relief from headaches that he has suffered from several times a week. After his first 24 weeks were completed his headaches are now only occasional. Reading still isn't his first choice but I believe he enjoys it more now than he had before."   Dec 2016

Before vision therapy Julio was having problems with doing math, especially reading the numbers in columns, but math is much easier to do and complete in a timely manner. His reading of the smart board is more clear and precise. With that, his reading comprehension has excelled and is currently in the top reading literacy circle in his class! He is also a baseball player-his hitting was in a slump at the end of last season, but he just completed a hitting clinic and he literally was hitting the ball out of the park!  This was an unexpected bonus on VT!    Feb 2016

"Leif was struggling to read at grade level prior to therapy and now has progressed above. He has progressed enough so he no longer needs special reading help at school. Leif is now happy to read as it is 'way easier"     March 2017

"Before Vision Therapy, Russell was having problems with headaches almost daily. The strain on his eyes from the effort of focusing at school was causing pain to the point he had to lay down daily after school and take pain medication. At 12 years old he still mixed up his B's and D's when writing. He also struggled with spelling, even with words he learned back in first grade! A couple weeks into vision therapy and the headaches had already greatly reduced! Now it is maybe once a month he might end up with a headache after a late night and too much screen time. His writing is more fluid with fewer errors. We are so thankful for these positive changes in his life! "  Russell's Parents - April 2017

"Cool! Fun and a good time to relax. Helped a lot."     Russell, 12 - April 2017