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Sports Vision with Your Medina Optometrist

The Breakdown of Our Program:

  • 6 week program, 2 sessions per week (1 Wed, 1 Thurs)
  • Each 30 min session will be a one-on-one session with either Dr. Wesley, Dr. Holland or Sanaa

Our sports vision programs in Medina can help you see more clearly and improve your game in any sport or athletic activity you’re involved in. They've even been tested and approved by professional baseball player Alec Crawford. You don’t have to be a professional baseball player to benefit from our program. Sports vision training can help anyone who loves to be active both indoors and outdoors! Learn more about sports vision services offered at Complete Eye Care of Medina, including our 6-week summer program. 

The Benefits of our Sports Vision Services

Alec Crawford at sports vision therapy program in MedinaStudies have proven that professional athletes differ from regular folks in several ways – one of them being superior visual skills. Extensive training has honed their visual skills and sharpened their hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and other visual skills. Whether you wear corrective glasses or enjoy 20/20 vision, sports vision therapy can bolster skills athletes use most, giving you a competitive edge over other players. 

Through vision training, you can improve your reaction time, anticipate the action, and put yourself exactly where you need to be to make the perfect play or improve performance in a variety of sports. Your ball handling, timing, and field movement will also improve. 

Our training is not intended to give you better vision, but to strengthen the way your brain processes visual information. At the end of the 6-week summer program, you will be able to read visual cues faster. You may see a higher batting average, improved free throw percentage, or better pass completion directly as a result of working with our optometrist. 

We aim to do this by getting rid of weak spots in your game due to visual processing errors. Whatever activity you enjoy, from trapshooting to hockey, we can help! By working with our Medina optometrist, you can sharpen your game and achieve the results you crave. We welcome athletes of any level that wish to improve their level of play to try our sports vision services. 

Our Sports Vision Program 

Our 6-week sports vision program consists of two 30-minute sessions per week with Dr. Wesley, Dr. Holland or Sanaa, depending on the time slot you book.  

With regrets, there are no "make up" appointments. If you miss a session, we are unable to offer rescheduling due to the nature of our summer sports vision program. 

During the program, our optometrist in Medina will work with you to strengthen the visual skills that athletes need. All sports vision training is designed to improve your vision, and bolster your visual weaknesses. This is not one size fits all therapy. 

Expect to work with our Medina eye doctor on:

  • Dynamic visual acuity
  • Eye tracking
  • Eye focusing
  • Peripheral vision 
  • Fusion flexibility and stamina
  • Depth perception 
  • Visualization

Contact Our Medina Optometrist Today! 

Our Medina optometrist welcomes patients from Medina and the surrounding areas including Maple Grove and Plymouth. If you are serious about playing a sport and want to play at the best level possible, you need our sports vision services. Enroll in the program by calling us today at 763-478-3505. Don't delay - this program is offered on a first come first served basis!