Eye & Vision Exams

Eye & Vision Exams with our Medina optometrist

Complete Eye Care of Medina provides total vision and eye care services to people in the entire surrounding area -- including Maple Grove, Plymouth, and Corcoran -- and has for years. Read on to learn more about why you should visit our offices.

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Eye & Vision Exam

Our optometrist will perform both a vision and an eye exam. The first step would be to assess your accommodative function (the ability to focus on subjects nearby), level of refractive error (indicating the need for corrective lenses), and other vision-related issues. The second will examine the health of the eye itself. This includes retinal health, oculomotor reflexes such as pupil reactions and balance of the ocular muscles, as well as, the binocular function which determines how the eyes work together.

Who Should Visit the Optometrist & How Often

Complete Eye Care doctors recommend children have their first eye exam as infants, then toddlers, and before entering school. At that time, annual eye exams are prescribed to ensure visual development is on the correct path. Furthermore, a pediatrician may notice potential problems and refer your child to see a specialized optometrist.

Any young adults or adults who have not been to the eye doctor in a few years should also visit the optometrist to have a baseline exam. At this exam, the doctor will establish a vision history, medical history, and conduct exams to locate any vision problems or eye conditions.

At the end of this appointment, the doctor will recommend a follow-up frequency that is unique to your personal needs and based on your history. Annual eye exams are recommended for all patients to ensure we are properly tracking eye conditions and maximizing daily visual comfort and potential.

Contact lenses need to be checked for proper fit and prescription. Diabetic retinopathy needs to be closely monitored to prevent worsening and possible blindness. Uncorrected vision problems such as myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, and lazy eye can all worsen without proper treatment.

Therefore, it is essential that you see your eye doctor regularly.

What to Expect at Your Visit to the Optometrist

During a visit to the optometrist, the doctors and talented professional staff of Complete Eye Care of Medina will:

  • Ask about any issues/symptoms you are experiencing & meds you are taking
  • Conduct comprehensive eye & vision exams
  • Compile a familial and ocular health history

In the event that you need corrective treatment or lenses, we will advise you and make sure that you know all your options. If you need glasses, we will even help you choose frames from among our designer selections that fit your needs and personal style.

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