Orthokeratology for Medina, Plymouth, and Maple Grove

Have you spent a large chunk of your life seeing the world through plastic? If you've needed glasses or contact lenses for longer than you can remember, you may fantasize about how wonderful it would be to get up in the morning and go about your day without those corrective devices. Complete Eye Care of Medina can make that fantasy a reality. We offer an advanced vision correction technique called orthokeratology to our patients in Medina, Plymouth, and Maple Grove.


How Orthokeratology Lenses Reshape Your Vision

Even if you've never heard of orthokeratology, you may have seen or heard its nickname, "ortho-k." This technique makes use of contact lenses, but not the kind that you wear during the day. These specialized lenses actually reshape your corneal contours as you sleep. The reshaping process compensates for refractive errors by changing the way light is refracted as it enters your eyes. While this is also what eyeglasses and daytime contacts do, ortho-k's ability to alter the refraction in the eye itself makes those accessories unnecessary. You wear your ortho-k lenses to bed, then wake up and remove them. You now have at least 1 to 2 days of lens-free corrected vision. We may fit you with a few different gradations of lens prescription during the first few weeks of your orthokeratology treatment until you achieve your optimal visual clarity.

Ortho-k lenses can be worn as frequently as necessary to maintain your corrected vision. They can also be discontinued at any time, allowing the corneas to regain their normal shape, if you want to try some other corrective method. While orthokeratology is most effective for myopia, it can also correct milder forms of other refractive errors.

A Critical Benefit for Children with Myopia

While many adults enjoy being able to put their glasses aside thanks to orthokeratology, this technique offers an even more important benefit to nearsighted children. Studies have shown that wearing ortho-k lenses during childhood can help slow the rate of myopia development. Not only does this help your child get by with a milder, less complex corrective prescription in adulthood, it also means that your child will be at lower risk for the complications associated with severe myopia.

Ready to Try Ortho-K? Call Complete Eye Care of Medina

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