Corneal Reshaping Therapy (Ortho-K)

An Overview of Corneal Reshaping Therapy from the
Complete Eye Care of Medina

It is essential to know about the treatment options at yourdisposal. One option that is often overlooked is called corneal reshaping therapy. For those who might not know, this treatment option can be used to help people get rid of their glasses and contacts. The team from the Complete Eye Care of Medina is here to make sure that if you are in the Medina, Plymouth, and Maple Grove areas, you have access to eye doctors and optometrists that can take care of their vision.

corneal reshaping contact lens

What is Corneal Reshaping Therapy?

One of the main purposes of Corneal Reshaping Therapy is to help reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses without having to go through eye surgery. Although this might sound too good to be true, this is exactly what Corneal Reshaping Therapy does. Many have already found the numerous benefits of Corneal Reshaping Therapy and have been using it to eventually eliminate the need for glasses and contacts. 

For those who are interested in Corneal Reshaping Therapy, this therapy works using contact lenses that are permeable to gases. These lenses are actually left in the eyes overnight, unlike other contacts. While you are asleep, the lenses will actually reshape the front surface of someone's cornea. This allows to you see clearly after the lenses are removed in the morning. Our patients are often shocked at just how well they can see as a result of these contacts.

There are two common reasons why people choose to undergo Corneal Reshaping Therapy. First, some have hyperopia and myopia that they would like corrected using this therapy. Many people with astigmatism and presbyopia also rely on Corneal Reshaping Therapy to help them see clearly. Second, many children have actually been using Corneal Reshaping Therapy to stop the progression of myopia. As kids grow and develop, those who have refractive errors often watch their condition progress. Corneal Reshaping Therapy can stop this from happening.

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This is only one of the many treatment options that we can provide to all of our patients. At the Complete Eye Care of Medina, we place the needs of our patients first. Our goal is to make sure that everyone in the Medina, Plymouth, and Maple Grove areas has access to eye doctors and optometrists who can take care of someone's vision, regardless of their age. Allow us to put our resources to work for you and your family. Call us today at (763) 478-3505 to schedule an appointment with a member of our team. We would be honored to take care of you.