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Worried That You Have an Eye Disease?

Are your eyes causing you pain and disrupting your day? Want to understand what is going on and how to treat them?

If you are experiencing eye conditions such as lazy eye, astigmatism or color blindness, talk to a specialist at our clinic now. Our Medina optometrists can identify the problem and provide you with options for how to get better.

20/20 Care for Diseases of the Eye

At Complete Eye Care of Medina, we take a 1-on-1 approach to your eye health. With the help of friendly and thorough optometrists, as well as advanced digital and screening technology, we provide comprehensive treatment for a variety of eye diseases. Learn more by browsing our website or booking an appointment.

Vision Therapy

Find healthy and holistic ways to protect your eyes

Dry Eye Therapy

Learn more about one of the most common eye conditions

Best Vision Therapy in Medina

See what our patients are saying about our comprehensive eye care solutions:

“Outstanding care from the whole office. Had to get in for an eye emergency and they worked me into their schedule. I was given a thorough exam and outcomes based on my diagnosis. I couldn’t be more pleased with the doctors and staff. You guys are awesome!” – Alyssa G.

“I’m so grateful for the doctors at Complete Eye Care of Medina! I had a bit of an emergency and they took time out of a busy schedule to see me. It means so much to know what great care they provide and that they’re always there for me and my family.” – Mary S.

“The staff and both doctors are very client focused. We have brought our four children to the establishment since they opened and have always been impressed with their thorough care for all of us. I highly recommend their services.” – Katy S.

Improve Your Eye Health

Don’t let cataracts, dry eye and other eye problems disrupt your day. Book an appointment and discover what great vision care is all about.