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At our full-service eye care clinic in Medina, MN, our trained optometry team uses high-tech equipment to improve your vision and overall eye health. We perform vision tests, eye disease screenings, and regular eye exams to help you prevent serious complications, and we also treat and manage the symptoms of common vision problems and eye conditions.

Eye Exams & Vision Tests

Your eye doctor, will perform a comprehensive eye exam and vision test to see how we can help. Whether you need a vision test for a mandatory physical or a function test to track a progressive eye disease, our team has the diagnostic tools you need to catch problems early or confirm a clean bill of health.

Exams & Fittings for Contact Lenses

Before we give you a corrective prescription or fit you with a new pair of contact lenses, we must examine your eyes and interview you about your lifestyle, vision, eye health, and other factors that affect your corrective eye wear options. If you have a condition or eye shape that makes contacts hard to wear, we will discuss your options.

Treatments for Eye Diseases

At Complete Eye Care of Medina, we work hard to treat and curb the symptoms of common eye diseases. From eye infections like pink eye and keratitis to chronic eye diseases like glaucoma, your symptoms are no match for our Medina optometrist.

Contact Lenses for Eye Conditions

Dry eyes and hard-to-fit contacts are more than inconvenient; they interfere with your overall eye health and quality of life. Medicated eye drops lubricate dry eyes and eliminate irritating protein deposits. We also prescribe special lenses, including toric, bifocal, multifocal, and gas-permeable lenses.

LASIK Evaluations & Referrals

If you want to say goodbye to corrective eyewear, schedule a LASIK evaluation with our Medina optometrist. We will discuss your medical history and perform a thorough eye exam to see if you’re a good candidate for this life-changing laser light procedure. If you have a refractive eye condition and your corneas are thick enough for corrective surgery, we will refer you to a nearby LASIK surgery center for the next stage of pre-op screenings.

Post-LASIK Eye Care

The day after your LASIK procedure, you and your eye doctor will work together to begin your post-op eye care regimen. We keep track of your progress and help you prevent complications with prescription eye drops, post-op medications, and regular eye exams. This post-op care is essential if you want to maximize the results of your surgery. A year after the procedure, we will schedule a full post-op exam to assess these results.

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At Complete Eye Care of Medina, we want to maximize your outlook on life. Let us examine your eyes and help you maintain your eyes. We’re dedicated to giving our patients the best care possible. Call us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced optometrist in Medina, MN.