A Child's Vision

Children typically receive a brief visual screening in school, but these cursory exams may overlook more complicated vision problems. Vision issues are much more common among kids with certain disorders, making it essential to visit an optometrist experienced in vision therapy for a comprehensive vision exam to diagnose potential problems.

All About Eyes

Our eyes are incredibly complex and essential parts of our everyday lives. From corrective lenses to eye disorders, Complete Eye Care of Medina helps you understand your eyes and the things you can do to keep your vision 20/20.

Common Pediatric Vision Concerns (and How to Treat Them)

A child’s visual development is so critical to their academic and social success. Good vision goes beyond their ability to see in 20/20 — as kids grow and begin their academic journeys, many demands are placed on their eyesight...

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Why Myopia Is Becoming More Common In Children

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is on the rise among children. There are a few different factors that have led to the affliction’s meteoric rise over the past decade but the truth has become crystal clear: myopia is more common...

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Children’s Vision and the Epidemic of Myopia

Myopia, more commonly known as “nearsightedness,” is a growing public health concern. Myopia in children has been steadily riding for decades, and left un- or under-treated, it can lead to worsening vision issues throughout...

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Important Steps to Protect Your Child from Digital Eye Strain

While most parents can remember a time before the internet, their children are true digital natives. Between smartphones, tablets and the rise of digital learning, kids are spending more time in front of screens than ever before,...

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Stages in Infant Vision Development

No one is born with fully developed vision; we learn to see over a period of time, the same way we learn to speak or walk. The following is a timeline of some key vision development milestones so you know what to expect throughout...

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How to Help Your Child Develop Healthy Vision

When a child first opens their eyes, they aren’t met with much more than blurry shapes and shadows, but as they grow their vision quickly develops into full, bright pictures. You can help your child develop a healthy vision...

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Will My Child Outgrow Their Farsightedness?

Hyperopia, or farsightedness, is an eye condition affecting almost 50% of individuals who need glasses. Hyperopia is characterized by difficulty focusing on nearby objects while being able to see objects at a distance properly....

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4 Symptoms that Indicate Vision-Related Reading Issues

Although there are many possible reasons that your child may struggle with reading, vision is often a key factor in childhood learning limitations. Your child’s vision is a crucial tool for success in school, and if their vision...

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Reading and Writing

For many adults, reading and writing come so naturally that they seem almost effortless. However, reading and writing are actually complicated skills that take significant effort to learn. For example, reading involves recognizing...

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