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Corneal Reshaping Therapy uses a sophisticated contact lens that is designed to safely mold your child’s eye shape overnight. Upon awakening, the lenses are removed and vision is clear. The lens leaves a purposeful imprint onto the eye, signaling to the brain to slow your child’s progressively worsening prescription. This is a temporary molding; think of it as a retainer. Though the lenses are removable, it is important that your child wears them nightly to maintain the eye’s shape and level of vision. Corneal Reshaping Therapy is recommended through the formative years of vision change, which usually is through the early 20’s.

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Sleep and See!

Corneal reshaping therapy is a cornerstone of our optometry practice here in Medina. At our clinic our doctors branded it ‘Sleep and See’, because that is literally what you do! It is a type of therapy designed to reshape the cornea to obtain improved visual acuity through the use of specialized, oxygen-permeable contact lens molds, not unlike rigid contact lenses, that are worn at night while you sleep. When optimal results are achieved in about 10-14 days or less, patients do not need to wear glasses or contacts for visual correction throughout the day. Unlike more permanent types of corneal reshaping, including laser surgery, corneal reshaping therapy is reversible and the patient’s baseline vision will return in about 3 days when the specialized lens molds are discontinued. Perhaps the biggest benefit to corneal reshaping is the reduction in progression of myopia or nearsightedness. This greatly reduces the risk for eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal holes or detachments later in life.


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