Find relief from eye strain, shoulder and neck pain, and light sensitivity with Neurolens.

What is Neurolens?

When your eyes don’t work together to align to your surroundings, your brain struggles to create a constant, clear single image. That’s where Neurolens comes in. This technology uses a contoured or progressive prism, helping your eyes to focus, align and relieve your problematic symptoms. 

Treat misalignment and restore full strength to your vision. Neurolenses can be customized for any patient, with any type of frame and any prescription — or even no prescription at all. Eye alignment can be problematic even for those with “clear” vision. 


Symptom Checker

Patients who are experiencing any or all of the following symptoms may not realize it’s due to eye misalignment. 


Eye Strain

Neck and Shoulder Pain


Dry Eye

Light Sensitivity

For hard-working eyes

93% of patients surveyed have responded positively to wearing Neurolenses.

You can be one of them!