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About Us

The Way We Work

Utilizing some of the most advanced digital and screening technology in the country, our clinic takes a one-on-one approach to your eye health. During a visit to our clinic, a professional eye doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes and your current vision through a comprehensive eye exam. For our patients, we offer comfortable, easy testing that allows us to evaluate your risk for eye conditions such as glaucomamacular degeneration, and dry eye disease.

Dr. Wesley performing an eye exam.

Staff in our clinic uses the information provided by a professional to help you find the right glasses or lenses for your goals. We also have the tools to help you select the right contact lenses if you feel uncomfortable wearing glasses or need contacts due to your current lifestyle and situation. Our one-on-one approach allows us to focus on your goals so that you have the appropriate tools to address concerns about your vision.

How We're Different

Exam Equipment and Testing