All About Eyes

Our eyes are incredibly complex and essential parts of our everyday lives. From corrective lenses to eye disorders, Complete Eye Care of Medina helps you understand your eyes and the things you can do to keep your vision 20/20.

Common Eye Conditions

The human visual system is an amazing network of anatomical structures. Even minor changes in the structure or function of a component of the eye can significantly affect visual acuity. Because we rely so heavily on our visual system to receive and process information, it is essential to keep the eyes functioning properly. Visit your eye care provider regularly for a vision check-up to ensure any of these common eye conditions are diagnosed and treated properly.

If you experience any change in vision, visit an eye care provider immediately. An eye exam is essential to monitoring eye health, preserving your vision for life.

Eye Diseases

Intricate and complex, the eyes take in and process light and communicate information to the brain through electronic impulses. Several diseases and conditions – viral, bacterial, and genetic – affect the eyes and their ability to function properly. Any sign of unusual eye symptoms should prompt a visit with an eye care professional.

Protecting Your Eyes

What Is Amblyopia? (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia is a common childhood vision problem affecting up to 3% of children, and if untreated can lead to long-lasting vision problems. Fortunately, amblyopia is correctable in the vast majority of cases, with early detection...

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What Literally Happens in the Blink of an Eye

Without even thinking about it, you’re blinking about 15-20 times per minute which is about 1,200 times per hour. So, why do we blink? Blinking is necessary for healthy vision for two main reasons: clearing away debris and lubricating...

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Can Vision Therapy Help Migraines?

While there are many factors that can contribute to migraines, those with chronic migraines may not be aware that their vision could be the cause. When there is an eye condition preventing the eyes from aligning or focusing properly,...

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5 Ways to Help Your Child Transition to Wearing Glasses

If your child needs prescription glasses it can present many challenges, depending on how your child reacts to the idea of wearing them. Some children find it exciting to wear glasses and some are indifferent, while others flat...

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Is It Possible to Prevent Cataracts?

Normally, the lens of your eye is clear, but cataracts cloud the lens of the eye. For those patients suffering from cataracts, their vision is like looking through a foggy window. Cataracts impact daily life and make it difficult...

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Why Am I Experiencing Sudden Vision Changes?

Random floaters, blurry sightlines, or dry eyes can occur suddenly and might seem alarming. In general, vision changes are perfectly normal, especially as you age and grow. So, why are you experiencing sudden changes in vision?...

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Ask Dr. Wesley: What Do I Need to Know About Mask-Associated Dry Eye?

While wearing a mask is crucial during COVID-19, there are also side effects including acne, foggy glasses… and dry eye. A recent report in the Journal of Ophthalmology and Therapy details how dry eye cases have increased...

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How Stress Affects Your Eyes

With so much uncertainty due to COVID-19, many of us are experiencing uncommon levels of anxiety as we navigate unique challenges. Stress affects our eating habits, moods, and sleep schedules, but it also affects our eyes. Here’s...

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3 Tips for Relieving Eye Fatigue

Working on a computer for hours every day? The increase in screen time can cause eye strain and fatigue. Symptoms include dry eyes, double vision, neck strain, and difficulty concentrating.  If you are experiencing any of these...

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