What You Don’t (But Should) Know About Eyes

At Complete Eye Care, we make it our business to know all about eyes, but here are some facts about your vision that you may not be aware of.

Eye Color Has Little to No Influence on Sight

Some have suggested that certain eye colors are more sensitive to light than others, but these theories have been disputed.

If you’ve heard rumors about brown-eyed people being more susceptible to cataracts or lighter-colored eyes being more sensitive, consider them just that – rumors.

Your Eyes Can Get Sunburned

Photokeratitis, or sunburn of the eye, sounds fake, but is completely real. This condition is caused by exposure to UV rays, and can cause the corneal epithelium to “slough off.” All the more reason to wear sunglasses!

Babies Can’t Produce Tears Right Away

Wait a minute . . . don’t babies cry pretty often? Yes they do, but most newborns won’t produce tears until around 6-8 weeks old. This is because their tear ducts are still developing.

Eyeballs Are Incredibly Powerful

Over 80% of our brain’s processing comes from our vision, and 80% of our memories are determined by the things we see. It’s no wonder phrases like “seeing is believing” have entered the popular lexicon – our eyes are even more powerful than many of us realize.

Many of Us Are In Denial About Needing Glasses

The Vision Council recently reported that nearly 64% of adult Americans wear prescription eyeglasses. Globally, around 2.2 billion people have near or distance vision impairment – that’s a little over ¼ of the world’s population.

Our Eyes Change As We Age

Vision loss often happens as we age. Many adults over age 40 begin reporting difficulty reading fine print, seeing at night and objects blending into backgrounds.

While these changes are common, they are not unavoidable. Forming healthy habits, utilizing low vision tools such as hand-held magnifiers and getting your eyes checked regularly are all ways to promote lifelong eye health.

Eye Injuries Are Common, Yet Preventable

Our eyes are quite sensitive. Around 2.4 million eye injuries occur each year in the United States, because of everything from sports injuries to corneal abrasion. Anyone can get an eye injury, but kids and teens are usually more at risk.

Thankfully, if you are experiencing eye pain or injury, care is available. Eye exams, x-rays and eye drops can all effectively treat eye injuries, as well as getting outfitted for protective goggles and glasses. Protective eyewear can prevent 90% of eye injuries, and your local eye doctor can help you pick out the perfect pair.

Value Your Vision With Complete Eye Care

Whether you are looking for ways to protect your eyes as you age, need help caring for an eye injury or want to get regular eye exams on the books, Complete Eye Care of Medina is happy to help. We know all about eyes and look forward to helping you achieve your vision goals.

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