Will My Child Outgrow Their Farsightedness?

Hyperopia, or farsightedness, is an eye condition affecting almost 50% of individuals who need glasses. Hyperopia is characterized by difficulty focusing on nearby objects while being able to see objects at a distance properly. It occurs when your eyeball is too short or when your cornea is flatter or less round than normal. This causes light entering the eye to come to focus at a spot located behind the retina, rather than being properly focused at the retina. Most children with hyperopia “grow out” of three to four diopters of farsightedness, as a parent, you might wonder if your child will outgrow their farsightedness.

What Are the Symptoms of Hyperopia?

Farsighted individuals experience difficulty maintaining focus or concentration on close objects. If your child has hyperopia they may:

  • Squint their eyes while reading or watching TV
  • Experience headaches after doing homework, watching TV, or reading 
  • Grow tired after doing homework or spending time on the computer without long breaks 
  • Strain the eyes when viewing objects up closes
  • Complain of eye strain or “tired eyes” frequently 

If your child grows frustrated after performing tasks near to their eyes without resting, they may have hyperopia, or they may not be resting their eyes enough. Remind your child to rest their eyes while doing homework, and try to limit their screen time to keep their eyes healthy and rested. 

Will My Child Outgrow Their Farsightedness?

Everyone’s eyes are different and there is wide variability, so it is difficult to determine ahead of time if your child will outgrow their hyperopia. Some children’s symptoms increase over time, whereas some children’s symptoms decrease over time. If you’re worried about how your child can manage their hyperopia, we recommend scheduling them an annual comprehensive eye exam.

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