Why Am I Experiencing Sudden Vision Changes?

Random floaters, blurry sightlines, or dry eyes can occur suddenly and might seem alarming. In general, vision changes are perfectly normal, especially as you age and grow. So, why are you experiencing sudden changes in vision? And when should you be worried? Here’s what you should know: 

What Causes Sudden Changes in Vision?

Many environmental factors can cause a sudden change in vision. 

High winds, extremely dry air or airborne irritants can cause your tear film to evaporate too quickly. These factors can bring on a sudden case of dry eye. Occasional eye dryness is normal. However, if it’s impairing your daily activities it’s more than an occasional annoyance, it’s a medical problem with potentially serious consequences. If you think you may need dry eye treatment, Dry Eye Therapy can arm you with the right methods to correct the problem.

Even if you have never had eye problems before, you may have noticed computer vision syndrome symptoms after two or more hours of screen time. Squinting at computer, tablet, or mobile screens for hours at a time is a normal part of our lives in the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, eye problems associated with this activity are also on the rise. The severity and length of computer vision syndrome symptoms depend on how long you stare at the computer, your posture, lighting, glare, the angle of the monitor, and whether or not you have other diagnosed or undiagnosed vision problems. 

For people with otherwise normal eyes and vision, a set of specially-designed glasses used during the time you are working on the computer can be very helpful. For patients already wearing contacts or glasses, new, more computer-friendly prescriptions are available. In addition to these treatment options, there are many other ways to cut down on computer eye strain problems, read our suggestions here

When Should You Be Concerned? 

While you might experience sudden vision changes from using screens for an extended period of time or being exposed to windy conditions, the symptoms often subside after you’ve rested your eyes. Usually, sudden vision changes are nothing to be concerned about. However, it is important to visit an optometrist if your vision doesn’t return to normal after a few days.

If you experience a sudden change in your vision without warning, then it’s important to visit an optometrist as soon as possible. Cloudy spots, ocular pain, or random floaters accompanied by flashes of light indicate it’s time to visit your optometrist to ensure your eyes are healthy. 

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Visiting your optometrist once a year will help you stay ahead of any potential vision problems. The staff at Complete Eye Care of Medina can help treat your eyes and maintain healthy vision. Call us at 763-478-3505 or visit us online at completeeyecareofmedina.com to schedule your exam.