What Happens to Me Physically after Experiencing a Concussion?

What Happens to Me Physically after Experiencing a Concussion?

The middle part of the brain is often “shaken” or bruised in a concussion and because it can be difficult to detect through brain scans, a concussion is usually diagnosed through symptoms and history. 

A concussion may lead to immediate symptoms such as disorientation, headache, nausea and a number of other symptoms. While healing, you may also experience light and sound sensitivity as well as reading, focusing and tracking issues.

At Complete Eye Care of Medina, we utilize the King Devick baseline tracking test at every eye exam for our patients eighteen years and under. This establishes a “normal” for that patient, which can then be tested against in the event of a concussion to determine how much vision is affected. Watching for improvement in vision is how we can know if returning to school or play is safe and appropriate. 

It takes time for the brain to heal. Often, quiet and dim or dark lighting is the optimal environment in the days and weeks following concussion.

Of course, every person is different in regards to their symptoms and healing time, but it’s crucial to treat a concussion with the proper care. If you’re concerned your child might have a concussion, reach out to me or my staff at Complete Eye Care of Medina