Fascinating Facts About The Human Eye

Our eyes are complex organs that work together to help our brains perceive the world around us. We use them all the time, but tend not to think much about them unless we’re struggling with vision difficulties, eye strain, or discomfort. As eye doctors, we spend every day looking into, learning about, diagnosing, and treating eyes. We think eyes are fascinating, and we’d like to share some of our favorite facts about them. Unless you have ommetaphobia, a fear of eyes, you should keep reading!

The human eye can differentiate roughly 10 million different colors.

Thanks to three types of photoreceptors in our eyes called cones, the human eye is able to discern roughly 10 million different colors. The standard crayon box comes in somewhat short of that, for some reason. 

An Adult Eye Weighs as Much as A Pencil

Do you have a standard unused, number 2 pencil nearby? Pick it up and you’ll have a sense of how much the average adult eye weighs. Coming in at 7 grams and about an inch across, these organs are small but mighty, containing 107 million light-sensitive cells each. 

We All Have A Blind Spot

Each eye has a blind spot where the retina attaches to the optic nerve. Eyes work together to make up for each other’s blind spots, so most people don’t notice them. If you have a sudden or developing visible blind spot in your vision, you should contact your eye doctor immediately. 

Eyes Don’t Actually See

It’s true! Eyes act as a camera, collecting visual information which they send to the brain through the optic nerve. The brain acts as a photo developer, reorienting and analyzing the images sent from the eyes. About half of our brain power is dedicated to working with our eyes so we can see. 

Our Eyes Have a Mind of Their Own

Our eyes close automatically to protect us from perceived danger. They also close every time we sneeze, no matter how hard we try to keep them open.

80% of Vision Impairment Worldwide Is Curable

While losing our vision totally is a frightening prospect, advances in modern medicine have resulted in most vision impairment being preventable and even curable. Eye doctors are better equipped than ever to help keep their patients’ eyes functional and healthy. For the 20% who suffer currently incurable degenerative eye conditions and total vision loss, there is hope in new studies. Gene therapy, stem cells, and retinal prosthesis are showing promising possibilities for those impacted by a retinal degeneration disorder.

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