How Can I Maintain My 20/20 Vision?

How Can I Maintain My 20/20 Vision?

You’re currently sporting 20/20 vision? That’s great! Remember, maintaining comfortable daily vision is key, especially given all our time spent on digital devices. Here’s how you can maintain healthy vision for years to come: 


  • Regular, annual eye exams.


Regular visits to your optometrist can help detect subtle, early changes that could negatively affect your vision and give you an opportunity to resolve or prevent any permanent damage. Regular eye exams will also address any challenges you may be experiencing from daily use. Together, you and your optometrist can find custom optical solutions tailored to you that fit your daily work and lifestyle. 


  • Living a healthy lifestyle.


By exercising and eating right, you can protect your eyes and prevent a myriad of other health issues. Carrots aren’t the only food known to be beneficial for your eyes! Read our blog to learn more about nutrition for your eyes. 


  • Wearing sunglasses. 


Don’t wait for summer! Wearing sunglasses year round will protect your eyes from UV damage, which can affect your vision. We recommend having an extra pair of sunglasses in your car in case you forget them. 


  • Blue light protection. 


Blue lights are everywhere, especially in the screens we use everyday. Reducing your screen-time is often not an option in many work environments so we recommend protecting your eyes with blue light prevention eyewear. There are several great options online and we have a blog on our site to learn more about protecting your eyes from blue light.  

By following the tips above, you’ll be able to maintain your 20/20 vision in 2020 and beyond. Of course, there is no better way to maintain your 20/20 vision than visiting your eye doctor regularly. Contact Complete Eye Care of Medina to schedule an eye exam and receive further recommendations for your health.