Seeing Clearly: How to Properly Clean Your Eyeglasses

Smudges, residue and fingerprints are not exactly the clear view we want from our glasses. To keep our sight clear, a little cleaning is required. Some eyeglass cleaning methods are more effective than others. 

While the following techniques require a little more effort than simply wiping your glasses on your shirt, they are far more successful in the long run.

Give these tips a try and get ready to see the world more clearly!

What Not to Do

If you wipe your glasses on your shirt, you are not alone. Most people wipe their specs on clothing to clear up their view. Unfortunately, clothing isn’t engineered to clean your lenses and can even scratch them.

Additionally, standard cleaning products should not be used on your glasses. Even something like glass cleaner, which works well on windows and mirrors, can damage prescription lenses.

Clean Your Frames

Many of us clean only our lenses and forgo our frames entirely. Considering how often our hands come in contact with our glasses frames, this is a huge oversight.

Remove dirt and oil from your frames with warm, soapy water. For a meticulous approach, apply soap with a soft toothbrush. Dry your frames with a microfiber cloth, and avoid touching your lenses in the process.

For glasses that are both stylish and easy to clean, try clear eyeglasses frames. Dirt, grime and smudges will be that much easier to spot and remove.

Apply Soap and Water to Lenses

After thoroughly washing your hands, rinse your glasses under lukewarm water. Avoid hot water, which can damage the lens coating.

Next, apply a small amount of liquid soap on both sides of each lens. Rub it in for a few seconds, again with a soft toothbrush. Shake your glasses gently to remove the water and clean with a fresh towel, free of lint or fabric softener. Any additional streaking can be removed with a microfiber.

Use Glasses Cleaner

Glasses cleaner is a great alternative to the soap and water method. Individually packaged lens cleaning wipes and spray glasses cleaner are both excellent options and can be found at optical centers or drugstores.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to overspray glasses cleaner, and not all cleaners work with all lens coatings. Consult with a professional to find the cleaner that’s right for you.

A Few Additional Reminders

  • Never, ever clean your glasses with saliva! This will just create more germs.
  • When cleaning your lenses and frames, don’t forget to clean the nose pads!
  • If your lenses have scratches, do not try to wipe them away – this will only make them worse. Talk to your eye doctor about updating your lenses instead.

Eyeglasses Care Made Clear

Proper eye health and vision means practicing effective glasses-cleaning habits. Whether that means investing in a new glasses cleaner, a fresh set of microfibers or consulting an eye care expert, there are plenty of resources to help you succeed.

Complete Eye Care of Medina wants you to get more from your vision. Contact us today for more glasses care tips or to schedule an appointment.