Amazing, Interesting Eyes

Our eyes are unique, amazing and beautiful parts of our body. It’s important that we take care of them, and that we know what is best for their long-term health. Find out more about our amazing, interesting eyes in Complete Eye Care of Medina’s newsletter.

What the Eyes Tell Us About Overall Health

Eyes are your window to the world. Everything you experience is enhanced by what you see. By the same token, eyes can be a window into your body. When it comes to your overall health, your eyes act like an open book shedding light...

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Vision Charities to Help You Give Back This Holiday Season

Imagine trying to succeed at work at school if you could not see clearly. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for far too many people in the world. Whether they cannot afford eye care, are blind or have a vision disability,...

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Eyeball Licking: A Dangerous New Trend?

In the summer of 2013, news spread quickly about a dangerous new trend, called “worming” or oculolinctus, and a serious outbreak of disease among Japanese youth. Upon further investigation, many news sources retracted...

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