Contact Lenses

Contact lEnses From Your Medina Optometrist

If you are considering making the change from eye glasses to contact lenses we can help you at Complete Eye Care Of Medina. Contact lens technology has upgraded the feel and effectiveness of the product in the past few decades and you will find that the switch truly is an upgrade for most patients. We are the premier optometrist for Maple Grove, Plymouth, Medina, and the surrounding areas. 

Woman holding a contact lensWhat are Some Benefits of Contacts?

The choice between contacts and glasses are personal to those who need the prescription. However, many people who choose contacts consider the benefits to include increased comfort (they often do not even realize they are wearing them), increased convenience (you don't have to worry about the same pair of glasses, you can more easily replace your contacts if you misplace them), and increased confidence (some people feel more confident without their glasses). 

What to Expect During Your Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens exam is like a comprehensive eye exam when it comes to the basics such as performing a vision test, checking for signs of eye disease, and performing an overall check up on your eye health. However, a contact lens exam has the additional steps of making sure that your contact lens prescription fits your eyes perfectly.

A contact lens fitting is painless, and does not take too much time. The steps include a discussion with your optometrist about your expectations, for example you may like colored lenses, and you may have the option to choose between rigid gas permeable lenses or soft lenses depending on your situation. The next step is measuring your eye to insure that your contact lens fit perfectly to the unique shape of your own eye. If they do not fit right then vision and comfort can be compromised.  The doctor will use a tool called a keratometer to measure your cornea, the eyes clear front surface. If needed a computer corneal topography will be performed to provide the doctor with a map of your eye. If your eye surface is irregular you may need a special lens to balance this. 

Your pupil and iris may also be measured to provide the optometrist with the most information when it comes to your prescription. Your contact lens prescription will then be both unique to your eye shape and prescription lens. 

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