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Order Contacts

How Complete Eye Care of Medina is different when purchasing contact lenses:

Buy-Back Guarantee:
 When purchasing an annual supply, you don’t have to worry about having an oversupply of lenses if your prescription changes at your yearly exam. We will exchange any remaining lenses to your new and most recent contact lens prescription.

Extra lenses as Needed: You may lose a lens, tear one, or somehow get uneven on your lenses nearing the date of your annual exam. We will provide extra lenses at no charge to get you back on track and even with your supply so you are not extending lenses over the recommended wear time.

Special eyeglass packages and Discounts on Non-prescription sunglasses: Eyeglass packages starting at $149 for a complete pair of glasses (frame & lenses). or $50 off any other non-rx style sun-glass.

Ship your lenses out at no charge:
 When purchasing an annual supply, you will get the lenses shipped to your home or office at no charge, unlike any other online supplier.

We offer the most current rebates & fair pricing:
 Our technician will help you get the most out of the rebates available for your contact lenses and stays current on competitive prices to get you the fairest pricing for premium services and products offered in our office.


Thank you for your contact lens order. If you have a vision plan with material benefits, you may request itemized invoices to self submit for reimbursement by emailing Thank you!