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Corneal Reshaping Therapy is a non-surgical procedure that safely reshapes the cornea through the use of custom contact lenses designed to reduce dependence on corrective eyewear and stop the progression of myopia.

How Does Corneal Reshaping Therapy Work?

Reverse geometry contact lenses gradually flatten the cornea near the front surface of the eye. These lenses are worn at night and gradually change the way that light focuses in the eye, slowing the progression of myopia and reducing nearsightedness.

Benefits of Corneal Reshaping Therapy:

  • Increases sharpness and clarity of vision
  • Reduces or eliminates dependence on corrective eyewear 
  • Improves overall quality of life
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Is Corneal Reshaping Therapy Safe?

Corneal Reshaping Therapy is safe for children. It is most effective in children starting at the onset or progression of nearsightedness, or myopia. 

This can be at a very young age as long as lenses can be inserted and removed.


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