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Are you tired of managing glasses and contacts? The freedom of being able to see unaided can be invaluable.  LASIK is a safe and effective procedure. Here at Complete Eye Care of Medina, we offer LASIK surgery co-management.  Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our patients about LASIK eye surgery:

Is LASIK Right for Me?

LASIK is a surgical procedure meant to restore vision in those who suffer from certain eye conditions. Some of the conditions that LASIK corrects are:

  • Myopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Hyperopia
  • Presbyopia

Talk to your regular eye doctors at Complete Eye Care of Medina to find out if LASIK is the best option for your eyesight problems.

Is LASIK Surgery Co-Management Really Necessary?

LASIK surgery co-management improves your surgical experience, lessens healing time, and ensures the best results after your procedure. During LASIK surgery co-management, our team of optometrists works closely with you and your surgeon to coordinate care and provide you with all the services you need to recover quickly.

What do these services include?

  • Pre-surgical consultation. Your eye doctors will use a variety of methods to test your eligibility for this procedure. This is your time to ask questions. Our specialists will walk you through the procedure, scheduling, and provide any other information you might need for the next step.
  • Pre-operative care. During this phase, your surgical procedure is set up. You are provided with pre-operative instructions, along with a date and time for your procedure.
  • Post-operative care. After your procedure, we schedule a series of in-office visits. These allow us to check your progress and address any concerns that might develop.
  • Complete Eye Care of Medina offers LASIK surgery co-management services to our patients in the Medina, Plymouth, and Maple Grove areas.

Why Should I Consider LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery allows you to live a life unhindered by glasses or contacts.

  • Sports enthusiasts can play without worrying about losing or breaking their corrective lenses.
  • When it’s all about aesthetic, LASIK lets you take off your glasses and let your natural beauty shine through.
  • Working at a job that requires safety glasses don’t have to be uncomfortable with LASIK correction.

What Can I Expect During My LASIK Evaluation?

  • Personal history. Our optometrists will look at your past medical history to ensure that it’s safe to perform the surgery.
  • Physical examination. Using a variety of tools, our doctors will physically examine your eyes for signs of damage or illness.
  • Vision test. Your vision will be tested to determine if your damage will positively respond to LASIK surgery.