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Corneal Reshaping Therapy (Ortho-K)

For many individuals with refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), the ability to see clearly without the need for either corrective lenses or surgery has always been nothing but a dream. Today, however that dream is a reality thanks to an innovation known as corneal reshaping therapy (CRT). These special contact lenses are worn only at night, gently re-contouring your corneas as you you sleep for sharp waking vision. If you can benefit from corneal reshaping therapy in Medina, Maple Grove or Plymouth, look no further than Complete Eye Care of Medina.

What are Refractive Errors?

True to their name, refractive errors are conditions that affect the way light is refracted as it enters the eye. Ideally, the light comes into focus precisely at the back of the eye. But if the eyeball or cornea is less than perfectly shaped, the image may come into focus in front of the retina (myopia).

In another type of refractive error known as astigmatism, small deformations in the curve of the cornea create zones of blurriness in the final image. In the past, these conditions have been corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses that alter the refraction pattern to compensate for individual refractive errors. More recently, surgical procedures such as LASIK has been used to reshape the cornea permanently as an alternative to corrective lenses.

Corneal Reshaping with your Optometrist

Corneal reshaping therapy has some significant advantages over either of these approaches. While it frees users from the need to wear glasses or contacts during the day, it also provides a temporary — and thus reversible — form of vision correction, unlike LASIK. This means that if you ever decide to switch from corneal reshaping to some other form of vision correction, all you have to do is stop wearing the special contact lens molds and request a different option from our Medina optometrist.

But the reverse is also true: If you want to maintain constant vision correction without being troubled by daytime lenses of any sort, just make sure you wear your CRT lenses overnight on an as-needed basis. The reshaping effect may vary in duration from person to person, but many wearers can enjoy a few days of vision correction at a time. (It may take a week or two for optimal results to kick in.)

Another enormous plus for CRT is its ability to slow the progression of myopia. Why myopia can be hereditary, it is possible for children to develop the condition for other reasons. Children diagnosed with myopia can minimize this refractive error’s effects on their long-term visual acuity by adopting CRT at an early stage. In fact, recent research may suggest that conventional methods of correction could actually increase the risk of myopia worsening through childhood. Instead CRT is an alternative that self-conscious kids or children heavily involved in sports may especially love.

Ask Our Optometrists about CRT

CRT isn’t the vision correction option for every patient. However, you can talk to our optometrist in Medina about whether it makes sense for you or your children. Call 763-478-3505 for an appointment with our Medina optometrist!