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Myopia Control (Nearsightedness)

Facing a challenge with your vision impacts every area of your life. When you show signs of nearsightedness, you may benefit from myopia control. At Compete Eye Care of Medina, a professional helps you determine the appropriate solution for your visual health and your eyes.

Myopia Control in Medina

When you develop myopia, or nearsightedness, a Medina eye doctor may recommend myopia control as a strategy for your situation. At our clinic, we recognize that children and adults can struggle to learn as a direct result of their vision and visual health. When your vision changes or you develop nearsightedness, it interferes with your ability to learn in a classroom environment. Additionally, nearsightedness increases the risk for ocular health issues later in life, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Myopia control is a process of correcting your vision based on your situation. At our clinic, we may recommend specialty contacts, eyeglasses or other corrective solutions after identifying your needs and establishing the underlying factors that contribute to your visual changes.

How Your Optometrist Treats Nearsightedness

A Medina optometrist in our clinic treats nearsightedness after identifying your specific situation. We evaluate your vision through appropriate tests and examinations. After identifying your visual needs, we may recommend corrective solutions or control measures that fit your goals.

In most cases, a Medina eye doctor serving Maple Grove, Plymouth, Medina and the surrounding areas offers glasses or specialty contacts as part of the treatment process. We may also recommend Ortho-K, or overnight contact lenses you wear to correct your vision for the upcoming day, but it depends on your goals, eyes and situation.

When Should You See an Optometrist?

When you have difficulty seeing objects at a distance or have concerns about your vision, you may want to visit an optometrist in Medina. At our clinic, we evaluate your situation and recommend appropriate treatment strategies based on your goals. You do not want to wait for treatment if you notice a problem with your vision and it interferes with your life.

You should also consider a regular exam to keep track of changes to your visual health. We may recommend more regular visits if we notice a potential concern with your eyes or if you have a risk of complications. We also recommend more regular visits for children who may need treatment to keep up with their education and pregnant women, who may notice visual changes throughout their pregnancy due to the hormonal changes that occur.

Myopia control is a process of correcting nearsightedness based on your situation. In most cases, we recommend glasses or contact lenses that specifically address your concerns. To learn more about treating myopia or to set up an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam from a Medina optometrist, call 763-478-3505 today.