What is Involved in Sports Vision Training?

“For driven athletes in the making.” That is the slogan of Sports Vision Training — Complete Eye Care’s reimagined sports training program focused on improving athletic performance by focusing on athletes’ vision. Sports Vision Training is focused on increasing reaction time, improving eye-hand coordination and strengthening visual agility in athletes. The athletes who come into our doors are, truly, driven. They are looking for ways to improve in their sport and they’ll do what it takes to get there. That is why we’ve established this program and worked to develop it as an extension of CEC. The benefits of Sports Vision Training carry beyond the field and into the classroom and everyday life. We are excited to share how Sports Vision Training works and how it can benefit your athlete.  

Introductory Session

Your SVT experience starts with an introductory assessment. During this assessment, our expert trainers will work with you to learn how your vision works for you. This includes leveraging eye-tracking technology to pinpoint how you track movement, along with Senaptec technology, which takes away portions of your vision to learn how well you perform without your complete vision. 

Once your introductory SVT session is complete, our trainers evaluate your performance. We are able to sit down with the athlete and discuss their athletic goals. With the introductory data in hand, our trainers compare the athlete’s performance to athletes in similar age groups, sports and positions. From there, we work together to create a custom training plan to enhance visual agility and improve your athletic performance

Custom Training Plan

Our sports vision trainers are experts in their field. When they create a custom training plan for each athlete, they consider all aspects of the athlete’s goals, visual performance and sport. By pairing vision therapy with sport exercises, athletes can hone in on specific areas of their visual performance. 

CEC’s Sports Vision Training facility is fully equipped with sport-specific equipment designed to target visual agility and improve athletic performance. For instance, basketball players can practice dribbling while wearing our Senaptec glasses. Hockey goalies can step into the net and catch a ball while wearing the same glasses, or by balancing on a half-ball. Athletes can then do the same drills without the added challenges, and they will quickly notice an improvement in their performance. 

These neurological exercises are designed to challenge athletes’ vision and physical skills and enhance their body’s awareness. Over the course of ten sessions, athletes complete these exercises and others that are directly related to their vision and their sport. Once their training is complete, we then compare their initial data from their first assessment to their current abilities. Athletes are always amazed at how far they’ve come in a short amount of time.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Finally, a Sports Vision Training plan includes access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our eye-tracking technology helps us learn how athletes track movement and react to certain things on the field, court or ice. This advanced technology is critical in collecting data and informing our trainers on how to approach training and improving your vision. 

Additionally, we utilize Senaptec glasses, which take away parts of an athlete’s vision for short periods of time. While doing physical exercises, athletes will wear these glasses to challenge their mind and eyes, getting them to focus more on the exercises at hand. Then, once the Senaptec glasses are taken off, athletes find that they can more easily complete the task and at a higher success rate. Hockey goalies who may catch 7/10 balls at first may only catch 4/10 with the glasses on. But once the glasses are taken off they will often catch 9 or 10 balls. 

Our technology at Sports Vision Training is advanced and works to improve your athletic performance. We utilize different training techniques and a host of next-level resources to enhance your vision and get you to the next level of performance. 

For Driven Athletes In The Making

Sports Vision Training is a new way to train athletes. Complete Eye Care of Medina is proud to offer this athletic training program for any athlete looking to get ahead and improve their game. With an initial assessment, a customized training plan and our state-of-the-art technology, you will see firsthand the benefits of Sports Vision Training.

If you are interested in scheduling an assessment, visit our new Sports Vision Training website. Whether you are in the middle of your current season or are looking for new off-season training, Sports Vision Training can help you improve your athletic performance.