Why Non-Athletes Sign Up for Sports Vision Training

You may think about vision as what you see. Sports vision is about what you perceive. How you process. What action you take. Whether you are an athlete or not, your vision is equally as important in your everyday life. Your vision affects your mobility, balance control, and other critical functional tasks like driving and typing. 

‘Visual skills’ extend far beyond seeing straight in front of your nose. It actually refers to all of the ocular elements working together to let you see and perform well visually. Sports vision training isn’t just for athletes anymore, anyone can enjoy its benefits. Here are three benefits of sports vision training: 

Eye-Hand Coordination 

While most of us think of ‘eye-hand coordination’ in reference to sports, there are many everyday activities that require this coordination: these include typing, driving, and writing. Sports vision training improves eye-hand coordination and reaction times. 


Awareness of the body is the foundation for balance and your sense of laterality and directionality. Age and visual impairments can affect your balance. Sports vision training will improve your vision which guides your movement more accurately. 


You can learn to focus better by strengthening the link between your brain and visual tracking skills. For non-athletes, this is one of the best benefits of sports vision training.

Reading Comprehension

You might have convergence insufficiency if you experience double vision or have difficulty keeping your eyes working together. This condition makes objects seem blurry, resulting in migraines and difficulty reading. Sports vision training can strengthen the ability to bring your eyes together with exercises that practice convergence.

With sports vision training, you can expect a series of activities specifically designed to improve your visual skills. Programs are designed to develop eye focusing, eye alignment, and eye movement. 

Eye Care for the Whole Family 

Are you looking for more ways to improve your ocular health? Complete Eye Care of Medina can help. Our customized sports vision training program can optimize your visual performance. Over the last decade, we’ve helped thousands of patients understand their specific visual challenges. We provide advanced technology for evaluation and training to truly understand areas of athletic opportunity. As a member of the International Sports Vision Association, we have access to the most exclusive and current training methods for peak visual performance. Schedule an appointment by calling us today at 763-225-3859 or visiting us online at completeeyecareofmedina.com