All About Eyes

Our eyes are incredibly complex and essential parts of our everyday lives. From corrective lenses to eye disorders, Complete Eye Care of Medina helps you understand your eyes and the things you can do to keep your vision 20/20.

Tips for Healthy Eyes

Vision Problems

Vision problems can turn ordinary pursuits such as driving or reading into an impossible task. Damage to sensitive components of the eye, congenital abnormalities in the shape of the eye, or age-related changes can all contribute to vision loss. Since vision loss can be a gradual process, regular eye exams and vision screenings should be a part of every individual’s personal wellness routine.

Vision problems may manifest themselves as any of the following disorders (among others).

How to Spot Vision Problems Early

In medicine, much of the ability of healthcare professionals to remedy or fight an ailment relies on the stage at which it is first detected. If a disease or issue has progressed to the point of causing permanent damage to the...

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When Should I See a Doctor about an Eyelid Twitch?

When Should I See a Doctor about an Eyelid Twitch? The most common reasons for eyelid twitches are fatigue, stress, and caffeine overdose. If you are a smoker, that can also increase your risk of developing a twitch as well. Usually,...

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