Eye Symptoms

Vision, one of our five senses, is perhaps the most relied upon in our daily lives. For this reason, eye health is essential. Vision is one of the most delicate systems in the human body, so any unusual symptoms or sensations should be brought to the attention of an eye care professional immediately to ensure proper treatment and continued function. The following common eye symptoms are a few which may require a visit to and an examination by your eye care professional.

How to Handle Itchy Eyes This Fall

The dog days of summer are finally over. Leaves and foliage begin to change their colors, temperatures start to cool, and pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. Yes, fall is in the air again … but so are all the allergens that,...

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5 Helpful Steps to Combating Eye Allergies This Season

Spring has sprung, but so have those familiar, telltale symptoms. Itchy, red and watery eyes; it can only mean one thing — just when you thought they’d never return, your eye allergies are back in full force. It may be a beautiful...

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