Conditions That Affect Vision

Sometimes it’s not the eye itself that needs treating, but other conditions that are affecting how we see the world. It’s important to catch these conditions early and accurately so your vision doesn’t suffer. If you suspect that a condition is affecting your vision, contact the professionals at Complete Eye Care of Medina.

How Optometrists Play a Key Role in Diagnosing Hypertension

Chronically high blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the most common diseases in the world. Roughly 50 million Americans, and nearly 70% of all senior citizens, suffer from abnormally high blood pressure. If untreated,...

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3 Tips for Relieving Eye Fatigue

Working on a computer for hours every day? The increase in screen time can cause eye strain and fatigue. Symptoms include dry eyes, double vision, neck strain, and difficulty concentrating.  If you are experiencing any of these...

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