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Is Your Upper Eyelid Swollen in the Morning?

Are you waking up with swollen eyelids? You have our sympathies – that can be incredibly painful and inconvenient. It’s possible you are experiencing eye allergies, or even an eye disease.

Your eye health is crucial to your overall well-being. That’s why we want to help you if your upper eyelid is swollen in the morning, or if you are experiencing any other adverse eye symptoms. Connect with our optometrists today and get the help you deserve.

Your Visual Health is Our Priority

For insights about eye allergies, diseases or the best therapies for swollen or painful eyelids, Complete Eye Care of Medina is here to help. Review the links below to learn more about the common causes of swollen eyelids.

Common Eye Conditions

Review conditions that keep eyes from functioning properly


Identify eye allergy causes, symptoms and solutions

You Deserve Clear Vision

Whether your eyelids are swollen, you have experienced an eye injury or something else entirely, you deserve answers and effective treatment. Learn more about our past patients’ experiences:

“I’m so grateful for the doctors at Complete Eye Care of Medina! I had a bit of an emergency and they took time out of a busy schedule to see me. It means so much to know what great care they provide and that they’re always there for me and my family.” – Mary S.

“Complete Eye Care If Medina is great. They care about giving you the best experience and help you with any eye issue you may bring to them. I highly recommend them.” – Sherri L.

“Had a fantastic experience here. After feeling dismissed by another vision center, I went with my gut and made a visit here. Not only did I need a prescription, it was discovered that my double vision had a diagnosis AND could be treated. I felt heard, validated and relieved.” – Steph H.

Keep Your Vision 20/20

You deserve great vision, and a swollen eyelid or an eye allergy flareup is only going to prevent that. Schedule an appointment today to identify eye issues and get the help you need.