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Why Am I Suddenly Getting Ocular Migraines?

Are you experiencing a temporary loss of vision paired with migraine headaches, sometimes known as an ocular migraine? You have our sympathies. Often, ocular migraines are less about the headaches themselves and more about greater vision problems.

If you are wondering why you are getting ocular migraines, you may want to begin keeping a log of your diet and activities so you can pinpoint the cause. If you are struggling to find answers and are looking for treatment options, give us a call and we’ll schedule you for an eye exam.

Let Us Help You Beat Ocular Migraines

While there is no straightforward cure for ocular migraines, having a professional help you identify triggers or even getting the right pair of glasses can vastly improve your eye health. Learn more with the links below.

Ocular Migraines

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“I had a great experience at Complete Eye Care today. Everyone was very warm and welcoming. They answered all my questions and gave me great advice. I’m grateful to have a trustworthy eye doctor.” – C.L.

Take Control of Your Ocular Migraine

It’s important to have a plan in place if an ocular migraine occurs. If you are experiencing painful or distracting eye-related issues, contact us today and we’ll help you out.