5 Ways to Help Your Child Transition to Wearing Glasses

If your child needs prescription glasses it can present many challenges, depending on how your child reacts to the idea of wearing them. Some children find it exciting to wear glasses and some are indifferent, while others flat out refuse to wear them. If you are one of those parents with a child who is unhappy about wearing their glasses, here are some tips for helping your child transition to wearing glasses:

Let Them Choose Their Glasses Frames

Allow your child to pick out their new glasses frames. Allowing your child some choice in the matter will help it feel less like a punishment handed down to them by their parents and the eye doctor and will allow them a sense of control over the process. After all, they’re the ones who will be wearing the new glasses frames.

Have a Spare Pair 

Many children are prone to breaking their prescription glasses so it is wise to keep a spare pair around in case of emergency, albeit perhaps a less trendy second pair. If your child is particularly forgetful it might be a good idea to keep one pair at home and one pair at school so they will never be without their glasses. This method will prevent your child from conveniently “forgetting” their glasses and will ensure your child can always see well enough to complete their homework and schoolwork.

Make Glasses Cool

Gone are the days when glasses-wearers were automatically teased. These days there are many fictional characters and idols who wear glasses. If your child is reluctant to wear them out of fear that they will be made fun of, show them some movies or books with glasses-wearing heroes. Harry Potter might be a good place to start.


Kids won’t always let you know if their glasses no longer work for them so it is important to be diligent about annual checkups and eye exams for your child. Children’s eyes are still developing so their vision changes more rapidly than that of an adult. If prescription glasses fit comfortably and the lenses are up-to-date your child will be more likely to continue wearing them. Be sure to take your child to the eye doctor annually. 

Make It Fun

When you take your child to pick out their new glasses, make it a positive and fun experience so they associate their new glasses with excitement. Maybe take them out for ice cream to celebrate afterward or to see a movie. Infusing some fun into the day will remind your child that prescription glasses are nothing to worry about.

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