Can Vision Therapy Help Migraines?

While there are many factors that can contribute to migraines, those with chronic migraines may not be aware that their vision could be the cause. When there is an eye condition preventing the eyes from aligning or focusing properly, an array of visual and health problems can result, including migraines. If you or a loved one suffer from migraines, consider a visit to the eye doctor for a vision test. 

Here are some of the possible vision-related causes of migraines:


Sometimes referred to as a “lazy eye”, amblyopia is the term for when vision does not properly develop in one or both eyes. Usually, this is because one eye is not aligned with the other and therefore cannot properly focus, resulting in weaker vision in that eye. The misalignment can range in severity and is sometimes imperceptible to an observer or even to the person with the condition. When the eyes are not aligned correctly they strain to focus and often the person will develop poor depth perception and tend to squint or strain their eyes, even if they wear prescription glasses. Prescription glasses can help but they do not correct the underlying problem. A person with amblyopia can easily develop headaches and migraines due to the constant strain on their eyes, whether they know it to be the cause or not. 

Vision Therapy for Amblyopia

Amblyopia can not always be treated with prescription glasses alone. When prescription glasses don’t do the trick, an eye doctor will work with the patient to train the eyes to work in tandem using a combination of prescription glasses, eye patches, and prisms, among other exercises. A visit to the eye doctor for a vision test will help determine whether amblyopia could be causing your migraines. 


While Amblyopia refers to the lack of development of clear vision in one or both eyes, Strabismus is the medical term for when the eyes do not line up or work in unison because of a lack of control over muscles in the eye. A person with this condition may be cross-eyed, or the eyes may point down or to the side. In many cases, this condition can easily be spotted. The person experiences a lack of control over their eye movement which leads to double-vision and migraines. 

Vision Therapy for Strabismus

Treatment for strabismus can include corrective eyeglasses, eye patches, eye drops, and in some severe cases, surgery on the muscles of the eye. Treatments may vary depending on whether the patient is a child or an adult. 

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