How Complete Eye Care’s 20/20 Club Is Improving Family Vision

If you are committed to achieving the best eye care year over year, you will need an eye care plan that utilizes the top technology and services available. Being prepared ensures that if you experience anything from a slight change in your vision and need an updated prescription or your child develops an unforeseen vision issue, you are prepared.

That’s why Complete Eye Care of Medina created the 20/20 Club – a comprehensive membership that is improving family eye care in the metro area. Your neighborhood eye care specialists at CEC Medina are here for you every step of the way: here’s what the 20/20 Club is all about.

Eye Care Exams and Screenings

One of the most important steps to maintaining good eye health is diagnosing any issues and catching them early. That’s why the 20/20 Club membership includes a comprehensive eye exam, so you and your children can get a complete picture of the state of your vision as well as what corrective lenses might be prescribed. 

The 20/20 Club can even benefit patients outside of comprehensive eye exams. As a member, you and your family are entitled to additional benefits on specialized services. Should you require an appointment for a suspected eye injury or infection, you will be made a priority for scheduling and care.

Finally, your membership includes access to advanced eye disease screenings, which can help identify issues such as glaucoma in their early stages. We include concussion baseline testing for kids under the age of 18 to help ensure they remain safe and healthy. Concussion baseline testing can also be used to identify changes in visual tracking and ability to return to school or play after sports injuries or other accidents. 

Savings on Eyewear Products

71% of Americans require some type of corrective lenses. If you have children, this could mean that several members of your household require fittings and prescriptions on a regular basis.

The 20/20 Club was created to address this, too. As a member, you will receive 20% off your first pair of glasses, plus 50% of your second and any additional pairs. Over the course of the year, a 20/20 club membership could save your family hundreds of dollars.

Protection and Security

Becoming a 20/20 Club member today will ensure that your family stays ahead of any surprises life might throw your way. By saving your family money while upgrading your eye health, a 20/20 membership is a no-brainer. At CEC, we are happy to customize your plan to accommodate your unique family needs.

For more detail about the membership, check out this video or contact a friendly eye care specialist at CEC Medina today.

Complete Eye Care of Medina – Your Comprehensive Vision Specialists

At CEC of Medina, we believe everyone deserves great vision. That’s why we take a one-on-one approach to every patient, helping to develop a customized treatment plan that is right for you and your family. Let the clinicians at Complete Eye Care of Medina help you improve and maintain your eye health and vision. Schedule a visit with a professional eye doctor today.