Tips For Choosing The Right Frames

For people with vision problems, glasses are an essential world-opening tool. They’re also a great way to express one’s identity and style. From corrective lenses to reading glasses to blue-light blockers, glasses are increasingly a staple of people’s daily life, even if they don’t have a prescription. Choosing the right lenses can be a challenge. Beyond personal taste and requirements for lens thickness, there are some simple tips you can follow to pick out a pair of frames that will complement your personality, style and features. Keep reading for Complete Eye Care of Medina’s tips for choosing the right frames for your glasses. 

Figure Out Your Face Shape

Let’s begin with the most challenging part of choosing your new frames: figuring out your face shape. While most people don’t fit squarely into one category, and face shape can change over time, getting a sense of your face shape will help guide you to frames that are more flattering. People with round faces tend to look best with bold, angular, square and geometric frames while round and oval frames are better suited to square and diamond face shapes. People with heart shaped faces should start their search with browline and oval frames. People whose faces are triangular may try cat eye glasses, round frames or even wayfarers. Those with oval faces tend to have their pick of the frame style litter. 

Choose Colors to Complement Your Skin Tone

Another factor in choosing frames is your skin tone. People with warm complexions, meaning yellow, bronze and golden tones, will find flattering frames in earthy greens, browns, gold and honey shades. This will bring out the natural undertones of your complexion. Cooler complected folks will find great options in black, silver, pink and jewel tones. 

Make Your Frames Match Your Lifestyle

If you’re a busy professional, parent or work a more physical job, you’ll want to find frames that are built with greater flexibility. Frames that bend, twist or have more give will help you avoid tape repairs and frequent replacements. These frames are also great for young people who are more prone to accidentally breaking or damaging frames. People who work in more formal professions will need to have frames that are appropriate for their workplaces, and may wish to have a second pair that better fit their style out of the office. 

Find Frames That Express Who You Are

The most important thing when choosing the right frames is that you like what they say about you. Let yourself shine with frames that showcase your personality. If you like fun and flair, sleek and sophisticated, minimalist or vintage styles, let that be your main guidepost. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so let your glasses be the perfect drapes. 

Find Great Frames With Complete Eye Care of Medina 

Complete Eye Care of Medina provides a personal approach to helping you choose your eyewear. Our frame and lens experts will recommend fits, colors and styles that suit you and your needs, and keep you informed of available materials and enhancements. We carry a variety of designs and styles so everyone can find the perfect pair. From corrective lenses to occupational frames, Complete Eye Care has our sights set on meeting and exceeding your expectations. Learn more about our optical services on our website. If you’d like to come in and see us, contact us today to schedule an appointment.